Due to the storm damage and power outages in areas of Kent County, many people are displaced.

According to FOX 17, 100 mph winds ripped the rooftop off a multiunit apartment complex in Belknap Wednesday evening. The debris from the roof wound up in the street and into the home that was located across the street making it inhabitable for a while. Plus the apartment complex is inhabitable until it gets repaired.

Consumers Energy have crews that having been working around the clock to get power back on for region affected by the storms.

Consumers Energy Spokesperson Roger Morgenstern said, "This is going to take a lot of time because we have a lot of debris, we've got the scene taped off, we got a lot of down wires here."

Many people in the community have been showing up to help clear the damage and trash. Several restaurant folks have been donating coney dogs for those in the heavily affected area.

The is one good thing about this storm and that not one person was injured because of it. We often hear about storm damage and life loss but this is not the case in this one.

Consumers Energy are working to get the power up and running by Friday night but it will be a while before over a dozen people get back into their residence..

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