As an animal lover, I like seeing some protection for dogs at least being drafted and presented to lawmakers in Lansing, but I also see a problem too.

A new bill, sponsored by Rep. Darrin Camilleri, D-Brownstown, would make it illegal to leave your dog outside for more than 30 minutes when the temperature is 90 degrees or above and when it's below freezing, according to WZZM.

I definitely support the freezing temperature side of this bill, but the 90 degrees threshold is a bit... something.  Hear me out.   I think as for bringing them in or getting them out of the heat, it should be 95 or higher because that's when we really worry about people and the heat; but also I get confused by this part because not everyone has A/C so your house could be as hot or hotter as it is outside.

I think the summer part of the bill should definitely include shade and accessible water. Heck, even make it a thing to have a fan outside with the dog.  I don't know, maybe I'm overthinking this because then I see the comments from Jennifer Self-Aulgur,  Harbor Humane Society in Ottawa County Executive Director on WZZM,

"It's very common for us to see at least a dozen cases of frostbite every winter, and it's usually dogs that were left out."

"It's something we also see in the summer with dogs that have been outside too long [suffering] heat exhaustion,"

So I'm definitely on board with getting some protections for the puppers and I'm not an expert on how people do or don't take care of their pets, so we'll let the lawmakers hammer out the details because any protection is better than no protection and we aren't the first state to enact such legislation. WZZM says Texas, New York, and Nevada also have extreme weather pet laws, and I'm sure our lawmakers have checked with them to see what's working.

In case you're wondering, which you should be; if the bill passes then the first offense would be a misdemeanor which could land you in jail for up to 93 days and a $1,000 fine. Every offense after that the charges, fines and jail time would increase.

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