It seems to me there are a lot more important things for the Feds to be worried about and you wouldn't think Christmas lights would be an issue. It is in Michigan.

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The Federal Government

You would think the Feds would be pretty busy these days with threats of cyberattacks on our financial institutions or lowering interest rates so people can afford to buy a house again.

The Feds are in charge of supervising and regulating financial institutions and activities. There was an activity back in April that took place by the Federal Government that banned something related to your household and your Christmas light display.

Feds Banned Incandescent Light Bulbs

Since the 1800s, incandescent lightbulbs have been lighting up Michigan homes but as of August of this year, the Federal Government has banned them and they are no longer available for purchase since LED lights are so much more efficient and cost-effective.

Most people have been gradually replacing household light bulbs since LEDs came out. I don't have any in my house. I even replaced the incandescent lights that are in my barn because they are brighter last longer and are much cheaper to use. Granted if you have one in the house that hasn't burned out yet I get not replacing it until it burns out. Plus, I don't think the Feds are gonna show up at your door to search your house for the now-banned bulbs.

What if You Have Incandescent Lights in Your Christmas Display?

Like many Michiganders, people have been hanging up the same old Christmas lights for generations. If they are older lights they have incandescent bulbs that are now banned. This means, that if one burns out, you are not going to be able to buy a replacement.

You may be set in your ways and will hang those old lights until every last bulb burns out. I don't think anyone will search your house for bulbs, but if you have enough of them hanging in your front yard...who knows who may show up at your doorstep? Not sure if there are fines and penalties in place but I would hate to find out the hard way.

If you see a dark vehicle out front with men dressed in black, you may want to consider switching to LED lights for your Christmas display. The money you will save on your electric bill will pay for your new lights eventually and why risk a ticket anyway.

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