We have good news for Michigan waterways after labs have tested waters for Asian Carp DNA.

According to WOOD, Asian Carp do horrific damage to water systems once they get in. They damage the environment and economy so Michigan's Department of Natural Resources are doing everything in their power to keep these creatures from the Great Lakes.

Asian Carp have devastated water systems ecosystems all across the United States and once they get into a system they are almost impossible to get rid off without killing all the fish in the system.

These bighead and silver carp just take all the food from all other fish making it almost impossible for other species to survive.

The DNR have been aggressively testing Michigan waters that include all the Great Lakes, Kalamazoo River, Ottawa County's Spring Lake and Lake Macatawa. None of these waters have tested for the Asian Carp DNA.

If a test comes back positive, the state will step in and up the monitoring and netting of the fish and even using electrofishing to catch any carp that may have gotten into the area.

If you catch or spot an Asian Carp please notify your local DNR office immediately.


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