A lot has been going on in the Smashing Pumpkins camp lately. Frontman Billy Corgan has been keeping fans updated about the group's next two albums, 'Monument to an Elegy' and 'Day for Night,' and the departures of drummer Mike Byrne and bassist Nicole Fiorentino. In a new interview, Corgan goes in-depth about his former bandmates, his current relationship with classic Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin and his thoughts on Gene Simmons' "rock is finally dead" comments.

"My relationship with Jimmy [Chamberlin] is great, we talk here and there," Corgan tells Alternative Nation. "As far as playing together, I don’t know, I think we’re kind of happy to not have that be part of the equation of our relationship at this point. In essence, we can have a relationship without the stress of the band, or a musical relationship on top of it sort of altering the dynamic."

As for the Smashing Pumpkins' most recently departed members, Corgan spoke about Byrne and Fiorentino's departure, "I think [guitarist] Jeff [Schroeder] and I felt in order to push the band forward, it was going to take a Herculean effort. I don’t think that Mike and Nicole necessarily felt the same. Not to say that they weren’t committed, they did commit, and did a great job for what they were committed to." Corgan adds, "[Nicole is] one of the most talented musicians that I’ve ever worked with. I love the things that she’s contributed, and we remain in touch, and I also remain in touch with Mike. So it’s not the typical blow up, have a nice life, type stuff. We remain friends, and I do care about what happens with them in the future. "

Finally, Corgan comments on Gene Simmons' claim that rock is dead, "I think Gene’s comments, and I do know Gene personally a bit, I think his comments were quickly pounced upon and misconstrued. I read what he said as sort of a lament, not criticism. In essence, saying that he feels bad that musicians don’t have the same opportunities that he did."

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