This week, kid musicians from the O'Keefe Music Foundation picked up what they started in 2016 with their series of Slipknot cover songs.

On Wednesday (Nov. 17), the rotating group of young rockers shared a video for their take on Slipknot's "Wait and Bleed" that finds fellow juveniles trashing a neighborhood as the band, led by a 9-year-old singer, performs inside a suburban residential garage.

But that's the last destructive music video from O'Keefe, the nonprofit outreach insisted in a statement. If so, the clip is a heck of a way to go out.

The organization explains, "Six years ago, the students at OMF were inspired by Slipknot's 'Duality' video and decided that they would record the song and film it…house destruction and all! They then followed that up with 'The Devil in I,' 'Before I Forget' and now this [which was filmed] in 2020. But after flipping a car over and setting it on fire, using a 50-foot tree as a battering ram, tearing off a garage door with a truck and having far too many conversations with the local police, this is it. The last OMF house destruction video!"

O'Keefe provides lessons, camps, recording sessions and video production for young musicians free of charge. "With your help," its website says, "all children, regardless of economic circumstance, gain access to high-quality music education, top-of-the-line instruments, professional recording equipment and the ability to follow their dreams!"

Here's who performed on "Wait and Bleed":

Vocals – Chase Beckham (age 9)
Piano – Willa H. (10)
Lead guitar – Seb Braganza (12)
Rhythm guitar – Connor Meintel (15)
Drums – Brian McConnell (17)
Bass – Fritz Dannemiller (17)

Watch the music video below.

Kid Musicians Cover Slipknot's "Wait and Bleed" - O'Keefe Music Foundation

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