A group of 10 kids, ages nine to 18, covered Rammstein's 1997 hit, "Du Hast," under the guidance of the O'Keefe Music Foundation.

They say if you're going to learn another language that you should begin at an early age. It has a multitude of developmental benefits and, in our non-expert opinion, learning Rammstein lyrics is an ideal way to engage in this activity.

In the latest cover song and music video from the non-profit organization that offers free music education for kids, nine-year-old Taylor Jade Campbell is positioned front and center amid a myriad of other kids with one, Willa Hillard, toeing the Slipknot line, equipped with a metal baseball bat and a giant metal barrel. This, alongside the standalone pair of bass drums help drive home the industrial overtone of "Du Hast."

Campbell offers a completely fresh spin on the Rammstein classic. Naturally, she does not possess the deep, booming voice of the six-foot tall Till Lindemann.

View the lineup, complete with a breakdown of each musician's age, directly below and watch the cover further down the page.

To learn more about the O'Keefe Music Foundation, head here.

O'Keefe Music Foundation — Rammstein, "Du Hast" Lineup

  • Vocals: Taylor Jade Campbell (age 9)
  • Concert Bass Drum: Miles Fong (age 9)
  • Rhythm Guitar: Xander (age 10)
  • Metal Barrel & Baseball Bat: Willa Hillard (age 10)
  • Concert Bass Drum: Logan Miller (age 10)
  • Concert Bass Drum: Shreyans Yadav (age 11)
  • Bass Guitar: Logan Halverson (age 13)
  • Drums: Zach Halverson (age 16)
  • Rhythm Guitar: Alex Sutherland (age 17)
  • Keyboard & Modular Synth: Mackenzie Click (age 18)

Kids + Teens Cover Rammstein's "Du Hast" — O'Keefe Music Foundation

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