A kid that played with the O'Keefe Music Foundation is the body double for Stranger Things character Eddie Munson during the climactic Metallica scene during the final episode of Season Four of the Netflix show. Aidan Fisher, now a young adult, revealed his participation in a Facebook post over the July 4 holiday.

If the name "Aidan Fisher" sounds familiar, it's because the world was tipped off to this young shredder when he appeared in a viral video onstage playing with Steel Panther. He then went on to "participate in several projects with the O'Keefe Foundation" (a charity that helps promote young musicians by putting them in music videos.)  You can watch the then 11-year-old Aidan jamming with the parody-metal rockers in 2013 in a video below.

Aiden is now 20, and seems to have landed a cool gig in one of the most talked about music scenes in TV all year: The Stranger Things "Master of Puppets" fight sceneFisher posted on July 1 on Facebook that he was excited to share "something that (he'd) been sitting on for almost a year and a half."

"On March 4th, 2021 I got the opportunity to help in what may go down as the most iconic guitar scene in television/film history. I got to meet and work with the Duffer Brothers and Joe Quinn (Eddie Munson) in the number one Netflix series in the world, STRANGER THINGS! I got to go into “The Upside Down” and double for Joe Quinn as Eddie Munson to shred Metallica's Master of Puppets in Season 4 Episode 9. I am so thankful for this amazing experience and it was so cool to see it come to life on screen!" - Aiden Fisher


And check out the Twitter photo below with the bright green tag that says "Eddie Guitar Hand Double," hanging from what looks like Eddie's jacket (double) in the lower right. Basically, when we're seeing Eddie (played by actor Joe Quinn) tear up some certain close up guitar parts during Metallica's "Master of Puppets," we are actually watching Aidan.

This isn't the only example of a "hand double" we've heard of recently to increase the believability of a guitar scene in movies or TV. Steve Vai says that he was Dave Grohl's guitar-hand double in a shot for Studio 666. (Dave Grohl needed a guitar double!!! Crazy.)

The popularity of this scene and Metallica's song in has driven "Master of Puppets" into the top 50 in the world on Spotify recently as well.

Watch the epic season ending battle scene below along with Fisher as a younger man lighting up the stage with Steel Panther.

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