The future of heavy music appears to be in good hands, with The O'Keefe Music Foundation once again directing youngsters in the direction of all things heavy. Their latest video finds two of their most promising vocalists, 6-year-old Michael Dalhover and 8-year-old Zoe Franziska, fronting a chaotically crushing cover of Korn's "Somebody Someone," conjuring up visions of garage band heaviness.

Both Dalholver and Franziska are veterans of O'Keefe Foundation videos, both showing their love for Korn. In a past press release it was stated, "When 8-year-old Zoe isn't drawing unicorns, playing hopscotch and watching cartoons, she likes to utterly destroy Korn songs." She previously appeared in the O'Keefe Foundation video for "Freak on a Leash."

As for young Michael, he stole the show with his previous appearance fronting "Here to Stay." His parents are huge Korn fans with his dad teaching young Michael how to do his vocals using a variety of metal vocal techniques.

Now the pair team up to front an all-kid band that features 6-year-old Brackston Applegate on the toy piano, 5-year-old Adam Logan on the "Triangle of Doom," 9-year-old Seba Stephens on drums, 16-year-old Sam Ruether on lead guitar, Calli Dressen on rhythm guitar and 17-year-old Noah Williams on bass. And their cover of "Somebody Someone" from Korn's Issues album is something you need to see and listen to on full blast.

The O'Keefe Music Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers free music lessons, free music camps, free recording sessions and free music videos to young musicians around the world. In addition to Korn covers (they also took on "Blind"), they've also shot videos covering Slipknot, Rage Against the Machine, Rammstein and more. You can learn more about the foundation here.

But for now, check out the latest O'Keefe Music Foundation video featuring these youngsters embracing the pure chaotic joy that is Korn.

O'Keefe Foundation Kids Cover Korn's "Somebody Someone"


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