With the holiday season approaching, this is an opportunity to add some extra dollars in your bank account.

With the upcoming season and more people relying on grocery delivery since the pandemic,  Shipt plans on hiring 100,000 shoppers in eight different cities including Grand Rapids and Detroit. FOX17 reports the company plans on hiring 2,700 people in the G.R. area alone.

Shipt's CEO said in a statement in regards to the hiring blitz

We're embarking on a holiday season like none before, and taking proactive steps to ensure we can help American families get everything on their holiday list -- groceries, essentials, gifts, home decor and apparel -- in a safe, affordable, convenient way.

Shipt says they will continue to provide their shoppers with PPE to keep them safe such as masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers. In addition, anyone who becomes ill, or family member, with COVID-19 will receive financial assistance from the company.

According to Retail Leader, Shipt shops and delivers from 120 retailers in over 5,000 cities across the country and have recently added Bed, Bath & Beyond, Party City, and buybuyBaby to their roster.

West Michiganders have other job opportunities they can also look into. Woodland Mall is hosting an employment expo next week with over 30 employers hiring for hundreds of positions.

The Grand Rapids Police Department is also looking for new recruits to join their force and even sponsor your training through police academy.

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