Studio 28 was quite the awesome movie theater. I saw a ton of movies there, and hold a lot of memories there to. Sadly, but understandably, the historical old theater will be demolished within the next few weeks.

I have quite a few memories of this old place that will soon be a pile of rubble.

First one being the midnight showing of The Dark Knight. Which quickly became one of the highest grossing movies to hit the theaters, and can most likely be called a favorite among many. That night, electricity all along 28th St went out and the theater was complete darkness. The radio station had a midnight release party outside the theater and wondered why the place was pitch black. Since the night was highly anticipated by many, Studio 28 brought in Semi-truck generators to bring power to Studio 28, and we watched the movie. It was awesome!

Another memory that I have is when my friend Kyle and myself went and saw Terminator 3 there and they just introduced the "Butter Your Own Popcorn" station! Which was quite possibly the best thing of all time! We put so much butter on there, it leaked through the bottom of the bag. We ended up eating the whole thing and proceeded to go swimming after the movie. Remember when Mom told you not to eat before you go swimming? Yea...Kyle ended up throwing up A LOT of popcorn.

Midnight release of The Dark Knight at Studio 28










I will say my most memorable movie I ever saw there would be Stardust. It was a pretty good movie and I usually watch it once a year now for a good reason. It was the first movie I ever saw with my wife. We had our first date at Studio 28. I can't quite remember where we went for dinner, but I will always remember taking her to that movie. Also, when we went and saw Transformers with a couple friends, it was the first time I did the whole 'arm over the shoulder' thing with her. Studio 28 is where my relationship all began, as I am sure it is for many.

Studio 28 will soon just become a memory, but it will always be remembered to me as a place of watching awesome movies and delicious popcorn.

I would love to hear your memories of this great building! Comment below!