This morning, the Senate education committee voted along party lines on whether to approve President Trump’s education secretary nominee, Betsy DeVos.

It almost came down to the Super Bowl.

After Republicans approved the nomination with a 12-11 majority, Democratic Senator Patty Murray called the voting rules into question since Republican Senator Orrin Hatch voted by proxy. This led to a recess in which Chairman Republican Senator Lamar Alexander suggested saving further discussion on the topic until the recess was over.

The decision to delay talks on the vote led Democratic Senator Al Franken to say, "I guess we should talk about the Super Bowl since we're in recess. Good luck, Johnny."

Georgia Republican Senator Johnny Isakson mentioned a couple of winning bets he had placed on his home state Atlanta Falcons in the playoffs. Isakson said, "Patty Murray's salmon was outstanding and so was Ron Johnson's cheese."

The Falcons beat both Murray's team the Seattle Seahawks and Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson's team the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs.

Isakson said, "I guess (Democratic Massachusetts Senator) Elizabeth Warren and I need to talk about a bet on the Super Bowl."

Warren replied, "I'm ready. How about we put a vote for Betsy DeVos on the line?"

Isakson said, "That's more than a gamble."

Warren asked, "How confident are you?"

Isakson replied, "As I said, that's more than a gamble."

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