New England Patriots

Super Bowl XLIX
Let's face it, no one is doing anything this weekend except preparing to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday evening. It's the biggest game of the season, and folks across the country will be tuning in. But, there are some questions, and we're here to answer them. Here are the answers to the most common questions about the Super Bowl:
Conan Invites Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski to Play Mortal Kombat X [Video]
Clueless Gamer has to be some of the funniest stuff on the internet. Late night host Conan O' Brien reviews video games. The catch is, he doesn't play video games. So who better to review them, than him? In light of the upcoming Super Bowl XLIX, Conan invited Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch and New England tight end Rob Gronkowski to have a friendly game of the unreleased Mortal Kombat X and h