We have all heard of bullies in grade school stealing little kids' lunch money.

However, this school bus aide took it to a whole different level.

Rosa Rios, of Millville, N.J., was allegedly stealing bagged lunches and money from preschool students.

She was caught by surveillance cameras, was arrested and is currently being held in the Cumberland County Jail in Bridgeton, N.J., on $50,000 bail while facing criminal charges, Philadelphia's WCAU-TV NBC 10 reported.

Authorities said the 33-year-old will not again work for Sheppard Bus Co. and they are checking other surveillance videos to see if there was any other wrongdoings.

Obviously this woman is poor and stupid if she's resorting to stealing money from preschool students. That's what happens when you get inspiration for your crimes from the movie Billy Madison.

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