To better protect our environment appliance companies will be changing how they make refrigerators and freezers, and could make yours obsolete sooner than later.

Changes to Home Appliances

A year ago my brother-in-law found an airconditioning unit for sale on an auction site for $77. It was only a few years old and in excellent condition but I later found out why we got such a good deal. The Department of Energy (DOE) changed the standard for coolant and discontinued older models because a newer safer coolant is being used in airconditioning units. I found a company that had the old coolant and we got it to work and saved thousands by not buying a new unit. I will order another tank of coolant so I will have something to refill the AC unit with someday because they are doing away with it.

The DOE is updating new energy efficiency changes for refrigerators and freezers. Like my air conditioning unit, your refrigerator or freezer may become obsolete. If you recently purchased a newer fridge or freezer you should be ok. If you have an older model and something goes wrong with it, you won't be able to get it fixed or add a new coolant because you won't be able to purchase it any longer.

According to FOX News, the DOE claims the new energy efficiency standards will eliminate 420 million metric tons of dangerous carbon dioxide emissions over the next 3 decades and save households and businesses $5 billion on utility bills. I am ok with saving some money.

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What does all this mean for Michiganders? Don't panic because the new standards won't kick in until 2029/2030 and you won't have to get rid of your fridge or freezer but won't be able to repair if something goes wrong. The downside is when you purchase your next fridge or freezer they will cost more because of the changes but in the long run you will save thousands on your energy bill and Michigan will be an even better place to live.

If you want to get into the technical side of the Department of Energy and what they have proposed for our homes click here.

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