Sex.  Some people can't get it, while others can't seem to get enough of it. 

And for two police officers in San Antonio,Texas, they just can't seem to keep it in their pants...while on the job.

Last April, Officer Eman Fondern and Rebecca Martinez were fired from the San Antonio Police Department when it was discovered that they would disable the GPS in their patrol cars, meet up and get down and dirty.  The worst part is, Fondern's wife was the one who tipped off police to 160 pages worth of text messages between the two officers.

Reports say that the texts were backed up to a computer that she and her husband shared.  Bro, you can't be that careless when you are cheating!  In the texts, Fondern tells Martinez how to disable the GPS so that they could meet up.  One place that they met up was a Home Depot parking lot.  There is nothing more sexually stimulating than the parking lot of a home improvement store.

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