Tuesday night, Rob Zombie, Disturbed, and Pop Evil hit the Van Andel Arena and made a lot of noise, and did what they could to tear the place apart. Great show, featuring lots of anime, movie clips, monsters, and aliens from Zombie and his gang. A little too much alien penis for my liking, but I'm sure someone was stoked to see them.

The show was great, with a lot of energy from Rob, even though he let everyone know that he was moving a little slow, after cracking a rib!

John 5, his amazing guitarist, had a really cool solo bit while Rob ran around the arena with a spotlight, showing off cool signs people had made, checking out people, and having a good time.

It was cool how everyone was singing along to the songs, moving around, and most people actually put away their phones when Rob asked them to give him three and a half minutes of old-school rock show, without phones being held up.

And he played one of my favorite Zombie songs, "Never Gonna Stop".