One look at douchebags like this, and you'll never have any interest in rap, or rappers...and you'll know why people who like rock are ALWAYS better.

Here's the story:

A rap group was filming their video in a store in the Bronx (of course), when a couple of the idiots got into an argument over who was "the star" of the group.

"They were fighting over who's the star, who's better," the store's owner, Ali Abdul, told the Daily News soon after the shooting.

via NY Daily News

I guess the argument was settled when one of them pulled out his shiny gun and started to shoot the other at point-blank range, as calmly as anyone would while holding what looks like a pudding cup.  After shooting the other rapper in the head, chest, and each leg, the gunman decided it wasn't enough, and pistol-whipped the victim before leaving the store.

Did anyone watching do anything to help the bleeding rapper lying on the floor?

Hell no, yo!  They stepped over the twitching body on the floor, one asshat even pulling out his phone, probably to see if his street-cred had gone up on the Rapper Asshat App. (Not a real app, but it should be.)

The gunshot rapper survived, and is probably plotting his next musical endeavor.  Hopefully as a solo artist, to cut down on the possibility of his bandmates shooting him again.

Silent though this video is, it's disturbing to people.  And by people, I mean everyone but those who like rap.  It starts off with the warned.

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