Whitehall Man Injured In Vicious Attack Using a Fish! [Video]
Sunday morning, about 1:45am, a Whitehall man was allegedly attacked by his girlfriend with a fish! All he was doing, according to his story, was drunkenly sketching a fish he had in his home, when his girlfriend grabbed the fish and attacked him with it.
Sounds totally believable...when I drink, all…
Mortal Kombat X Has the Most Gruesome Fatalities Yet! [Video]
Every new Mortal Kombat game works really hard to out-gore the previous game, and so far, is succeeding! They evolved into other options, like Babalities, Animalities, etc., but still the most exciting thing MK has is the Fatalities.
The X-Rays are pretty brutal, too. So, to celebrate the release of …
Rapper Shoots His Bandmate Over Dumb-Ass Argument
One look at douchebags like this, and you'll never have any interest in rap, or rappers...and you'll know why people who like rock are ALWAYS better.
Here's the story:
A rap group was filming their video in a store in the Bronx (of course), when a couple of the idiots got into an argume…