If you're listening to rap right now, what the hell is wrong with you?  

Turn that crap off and crank up some rock!  

Listening to rap will make you cut off your penis and jump off a building! Haven't you heard?

Yes, it's totally true!

A Wu-Tang-affiliated (what does that mean?) rapper idiot guy former-guy, Andre Johnson (should he change his last name now?) cut off his own penis and jumped off a building yesterday morning.  This is not even a joke.


Doing something as hardcore as cutting off your own penis is, ... well, pretty hardcore.

But then he jumped off the second story of a building.  

That's more of a cry-for-help kind of thing, if you're only jumping off the second story.

I'm getting mixed messages from this dude former dude.

His new video for the song "Oooh!" (under the name Christ Bearer ... obviously not Penis Bearer anymore) went up a few hours before he cut off his little Wu-Tang and jumped.  

Should they rename the song, "Owww!"?

MORAL OF THE STORY: If you want to hold on to your little Wu-Tang, don't listen to rap and stay off of tall buildings.

BTW, they weren't able to reattach the little Wu-Tang to poor, stupid Andre.

So, there's another lesson for you, kids.

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