It's not everyday an entire family of raccoons falls onto your couch, but when it does, make sure you post videos of the baby raccoons. You'll get a lot of hits.

Picture this: you're minding your own business, watching a stimulating documentary on Netflix, when an entire family of raccoons crashes down onto the couch next to you. And momma raccoon is not at all happy about it.

What do you do?

The resident of the house in Sheridan Township, Michigan (near Albion) called the cops, who took the baby raccoons outside, while they battled with the Mom.

Eventually, they got her using a dog catcher's pole and got her to a new place in the woods with her kids, where they have quite a tale to tell the other raccoons.

Albion Police posted this video of the fight with mom, including a firemen getting bit on his glove. And then hang in there for some adorable footage of the baby raccoons at around the one minute mark. FYI -- mom let's out a piercing scream at 1:20, so you've been warned.


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