Campy '80s movies are some of the best things ever. I love watching the mind blowing special effects and gruesome scenes that you would only see in graphic horror films today.

Remember the shooting scene in "Robocop"? That was brutal!

There is a movie trying to continue production right now through Kickstarter, which is completely '80s. When I saw some dude use his skateboard to launch a police car, I was pretty hooked after that.

Sweet wonderful nostalgia! From the music to the use of the Power Glove, what more could you ask for in this fine movie?

This isn't being created by a huge Hollywood studio. Just a small studio named Laser Unicorns.

Some things that you will see in the trailer. Kung Fu, dinosaurs, Thor, large breasted female viking, rad skater punks, awesome '80s music, walking away from explosions, a DeLorean and, of course, vengeance.

It is being backed on Kickstarter. I am sure they will have no problem reaching their goal of $200,000 with trailer like that.

Check out the trailer below for epic awesomeness!

If you have some spare change, support it here.

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