Two Portage firefighters answered a special call for help Thursday. Two ducklings became trapped in a storm drain located on Mallard Circle. You read that right, a duckling rescue on Mallard Circle. The mama duck as well as her six other ducklings kept a close eye over the rescue operation performed by Firefighter Tom O'Reilly and Firefighter Nick Haverkamp from engine 1212. The men were armed with a flashlight, bucket, net and of course the proper safety vests.

Courtesy of Portage Police & Fire
Courtesy of Portage Police & Fire

After a few tense moments the rescue was successfully completed. No quacks about it, this feathery tail has a happy ending. Sometimes even nature needs a little assistance.

The ducklings appeared to be no worse for the wear and were promptly returned to their mother and the other baby ducklings. The feathered family proceeded to waddle onward to further endeavors of quackery after the rescue.

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