In what I think is a stroke of marketing genius, Popeyes Chicken has jumped on to the hate they were getting from selling out of their new chicken sandwich.  If you are a little bit behind on the public freakout that has been happening over chicken sandwiches, Popeyes introduced a brand new sandwich and after completely running out of product, people have started to go crazy.  And when we say go crazy, we mean go crazy...

There have been stories of lines around the block waiting for sandwiches, people threatening employees, people vandalizing stores, and even some customers pulling a gun on an employee in Houston.

Well, now that people have gone completely insane over this sandwich and Popeyes is still running low on supplies to make the sandwich for customers, they have came up with a plan.  It's BYOB now.  The "bring your own bread" campaign is putting the onus of the bread for the chicken sandwich on you.  They even made this awesome commercial to explain their new policy.

Funny, right?  You may think so, but a ton of people took offense to their suggestion.  Seriously?  It's a joke people.  And it's just a chicken sandwich, calm down.

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