Today on Segment 16, the guys talk with Marlon Ingalls, the guy who is hiking across Michigan to try and get a position shadowing Jim Harbaugh. The guys checked him out yesterday, and they got him on the phone today to share his plans.

Marlon is hoping for something good when he gets to Ann Arbor, but know Harbaugh is really busy. He just wants to become a high-level football coach, and he thinks this gimmick is something that will appeal to the coach, considering the coach's own different ideas for recruitment.

Of course, Marlon began his trek during the record rainfall in October, so it's not the most fun trek ever.

Marlon also apparently has a couple girls on his Facebook page named Lauren who don't actually know him. Seriously. Listen to the story.

They also enlist his help with a Joe scenario at the pizza station.

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