Today on Segment 16, the guys cover a lot of ground. Including the confusion in the room about the movie and the character Rudy. From the movie. Wait, you didn't see it, either? You had to have. Come know, Rudy!

First up, Marlin Ingalls has decided to hike to Ann Arbor, so he can try to get a position shadowing Jim Harbaugh. He wants to learn to be a pro football coach, and this is his best idea to get there. Only Free Beer seems to be on this guy's side, hoping things work out for him.

The rest of the guys...not so much.

Then, beware of the scammers trying to "test" your water, as the concern over contaminated water continues to grow. The test these scammers are tying to fool you with cannot even be conducted on site. All the rest tests are done in a lab somewhere else.

Kick these scumbags to the curb. Or have them arrested. Yeah, that's a better idea.

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