A couple of days ago, a video started trending online about a New York rat dragging along a large slice of pizza down a subway staircase. It was equally cute and gross at the same time, but you rooted for the little guy to feed hit teenage turtles which also happen to be ninja's.

Pizza Rat, prepare to meet your new best friend, Milkshake Squirrel.

I was sent this just today! I made a pretty big deal about Pizza Rat, as he was pretty cool, but I think he has met his match with Milkshake Squirrel.

I already love squirrels, so a squirrel eating a milkshake already takes down the Pizza Rat. Unless you like rats, then it may be the other way around for you.

What will be next....Steak Pigeon? Yogurt Mouse?

Did you miss out on Pizza Rat? Here is the video of him below.