I know what you're thinking. "Man, I really wish that I had some pants with a bunch of pictures of dicks all over them." Well, wish no longer, friends. You can now buy lycra leggings covered in dicks of all shapes, sizes, and colors. And hey, they're only $156.89!

This probably should be blurred out or something, but screw it. (baskosters.com)

The pants are actually called "Is That A Cock Or Your Legs?", and they're produced by a European company called Bas Kosters Studios. I did a little bit of digging, because frankly I'm curious to know more about the mind of someone who would produce such a thing as pants festively adorned with phalli (I totally had to google "what's the plural of phallus?").

Want to see an up-close picture of the pants? Check them out here. But remember that I warned you that you probably don't want to see it and that it's totally NSFW.

Turns out that Bas Kosters is the dude's name, and he has an affinity for dressing like some sort of 80's-pop-star-ship-captain (I would expect nothing less, really). And he also really seems to enjoy drawing pictures of dicks and then posting them on his blog, which are totally NSFW, so click at your own risk (the post is aptly titled "SEXY DRAWINGS !!!").

This is what a guy who produces dick-print pants looks like. (baskosters.com)

If you're interested in the pants, you'll be happy to know that they are available for both men and women in a variety of sizes! I guess the one redeeming quality of the pants is that he placed them in what he calls the "ugly collection".