Hour 1
We're heading to Springfield, IL this weekend to visit our affiliate 92.7 WQLZ! Since all five of us are going and Zane will be competing in a triathlon, he has to be the one to drive so we can all ride in the minivan. He talked about how the run-flat tires on the van cost a billion dollars every two years to replace. Hot Wings insanely fast driving was also discussed. It has come out that when Eddie Van Halen found out he had cancer, he refused to believe it was from smoking, but believed it was from chewing on guitar picks after holding them in his hand. To cure his cancer, he would shave his tongue, blend up the shavings and then eat them. What?

Hour 2
During our show meeting while we were discussing an HBO documentary on the running of the bulls, Hot Wings busted out a great (read: awful) impression. We pulled the audio and had listeners call in to guess who it was an impression of. Hot Wings' son Grayson is just under two years old and has entered the "terrible two's". He told us about an incident that happened recently where his son was running around naked and peed in the closet. Hot Wings then busted out another fantastic impression. Intern Nater Tot called out today. We played the voicemail that he left Steve and tried to determine whether he was indeed sick or just hungover. The jury is still out. To close the hour, we went over a list of the 10 least realistic cowboy movies of all time.

Hour 3
McDonalds has made their happy meals healthier by giving more healthy options on the menu. You can now replace fries and a soft drink with fruit and milk. We talked about how it's BS that fast food places always get blamed for childhood obesity, when it is really the fault of the parents. A South African man woke up in a morgue after being declared dead for nearly a full day. It turns out he lost consciousness after a bad asthma attack, but wasn't dead. We then had a bunch of liars call in and try and tell us about relatives of theirs who were buried alive. Zane was screamed down at a triathlon last night by one of the other competitors. This high-maintenance woman accused Zane of brow-beating his wife, when he was simply trying to motivate her. She was also mad that he referred to her as a "girl" and not a "woman".

Hour 4
Do the Playboy Playmates really have sex with Heff? The chick that recently called off her wedding to the Playboy mogul has revealed that they did indeed have sex...once...for about one minute. No one wanted to think about that. We watched the controversial call from the Pirates/Braves game last night in which a Braves base runner was called safe at home plate, even though he was clearly out. If you missed it, you can see it in the Cool Links section. We closed the hour with a round of Who/What/Where.

Hour 5
There was some backlash about the Who/What/Where game from the last segment. Listeners were mad that we weren't getting some of the answers after killing them for not getting answers. Oh well. So we're not that smart. We checked out a picture of the new thinnest house in the world. It doesn't seem like it would be big enough to do even the simplest of tasks, so it's definitely not for us. You can see that in the Cool Links section. There's a new adult baby story in the news! Once again, the show My Strange Addiction showed a grown person that likes to live their life as a baby. Surprisingly, our opinion on this type of person has not changed one bit. A woman called the cops because her husband tried to do home surgery on his hernia. He jabbed himself with a butter knife, then jammed his cigarette in the open wound. Surprisingly, it didn't fix the hernia. Be sure to listen tomorrow morning when we play Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $400 from our friends at Cat Footwear.