Northern Michigan is having a fire problem. Wildfire risk levels range from high to extreme across areas of the north, with the area around Big Rapids in the "extreme" threat level. The DNR reports 20 wildfires in a 30-mile radius around Twin Lake. The DNR has also reported a ban on burning debris in Northern Michigan and most of the U.P. How can you help prevent wildfires? Here's some advice from the Department of Natural Resources:

  • Make sure you have a clear area for your campfires.
  • Have something available (Like a hose or bucket of water) to control the campfire.
  • If your fire gets out of control, don't delay, report it right away.

Maybe you should hold off on that bonfire for a few weeks until the risk level is lowered. Fires in Newaygo spread over 100 acres earlier this year even with the fire ban. Remember that only you can prevent wildfires!

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