If you're a fan of browsing through used book stores, we have just the place for ya. It's the motherload. One of North America's largest used books stores is located in Michigan. It actually is the second largest used book store in the world and Michigan's largest used book store. 

John King Used Books offers over 1 million titles to choose from. They also carry books deemed to be rare, scarce, or fragile. Although this rare book collection is not accessible to the general public, shoppers can search for items regarding a multitude of subjects by visiting www.rarebooklink.com. Detailed descriptions, as well as the prices of all Rare Book Room items, can be located on this website.

The stock in the main store is not cataloged by computer. Although this means they are unable to do a computerized search to see if they have a specific title in stock, an employee can help you. They also have an interactive map of all the books to make locating them easier.


Business Insider calls John King Used Bookstore one of the  "World's Best Bookstores". Located at 901 W. Lafayette Blvd in Detroit, their hours are Monday through Saturday 9:30am to 5:30pm.

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