One Detroit Red Wings Player is not allowed to cross the border into Canada to play for his team and he's Canadian.

Normally when you can't cross the border into Canada, its because you had a DUI. There have been plenty of musicians or crew members who were not allowed to cross the border into Canada due to their strict rules against those who have been caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

For the longest time because of COVID-19 Americans were not allowed into Canada unless they were a truck driver hauling goods to the country.

U.S. citizens are not allowed to travel to Canada but have to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test that is with in three days of your date of travel.

Unfortunately there is one member of the Detroit Red Wings who is not vaccinated and therefore is not allowed to enter Canada even though he would be traveling for work.

That player is Tyler Bertuzzi. He is the only unvaccinated team member of the Red Wings.

According FOX 17, Detroit Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman said, "it's his decision. I'm not in a position to force anyone, we can't force anyone to get vaccinated. I personally am vaccinated, my family is vaccinated, I'll leave it at that."

Even though the NHL does not have a vaccine mandate for players and coaches, Canada has rules that require unvaccinated players to quarantine for 14 days. So its easier just to not have the player play the game in Canada, rather than sit out a series of potential games in the United States.

26-year-old Bertuzzi signed on with the Red Wings back in the summer with a two year contract. The odd thing about this story is Bertuzzi is a Canadian citizen but since he is here working in the states, he can't go back to his homeland unless he quarantine's 14 days.

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