Every ArtPrize there is always art that stands out. This year, there is one piece that doesn't just stand out, it stands 30 feet tall and is literally on fire.

There is a piece of art that is on display for ArtPrize that is by Peppino's Pizza at 130 Ionia Avenue SW in downtown Grand Rapids. The best time to really see this art is at night since it shoots fire.

I have driven and walked all over downtown Grand Rapids and there are a couple of pieces from ArtPrize that really stick out this year but I think hands down the 'Robot Resurrection' stands out and up the most.

According to WZZM, the human-operated, fire breathing, 30-foot-tall 'Robot Resurrection' was created and is operated by Shane Evans.

This is a massive piece of art that moves and shoots fire from a number of places. It looks like something you would see on stage at a Rob Zombie show. My guess is, if Rob Zombie sees this, he would add it to the stage show unless Iron Maiden sees it first.

Evans actually sits in the chest of the robot and he can be seen by viewers from the street. He can also see the jaws dropping when 'Robot Resurrection' is breathing fire and shooting flames from the hands, arms, and shoulders of the art piece.

This particular piece of art traveled a long way to be a part of ArtPrize. Evans uses a box truck to haul the robot that is put together on a custom trailer that was made to support the piece.

Evans used recycled airplane parts and other re-claimed objects to build 'Robot Resurrection.'

The artist hopes to inspire younger people to use their hands to create. Evans told WZZM-13,

I think it's important for the younger generation to get a grasp on hands-on type skills. I don't feel like society enforces that anymore. The world's gone to an online, social, computer world now.

If you would like to get a sneak preview of 'Robot Resurrection' in advance, watch the video below at the:49 seconds mark:

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