With all the things that have been canceled and rescheduled over the past few years because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it's nice to have ArtpPrize back in Downtown Grand Rapids and the surrounding area.

Not only is it fun to walk around Grand Rapids with friends and family to see all of the amazing creations and works of art, but it also has a positive financial impact on our local community. According to Artprize, people visiting the city for the ArtPrize competition help bring in $33 Million for local businesses.

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We now know who the top 25 Artists for Artprize 2021 are. The top 25 are determined by getting the most unique visitors. An overall winner will be select Friday night.

Here's a look at how people were able to vote this year (WAY easier than in years past.)

Below you can check out the Top 25 Artists.

Adolescent Echo by Craig Merchant
Africa's Big Five By Michael Feehan
Four Calling Bird by Paul Van Heest
Fleeting Moments of Light (Series of four seasons) by Luis Stopke
Holy Black Angel by Jacob Joe Knapp
Dresses Made From Dictionaries by Rebecca Humes
Homes by Tom Gifford
My Dearest Friends Project by DisArt and Oaklee Thiele
Serpentina the Dragon by Jennifer Dunahee

ONE by Sebastian Sandu 
La Sirena by Henri Laime Laime
Prance by Jeff Best

One World Safari by Monte De Gallo
The Seeker & The King by 11:11
Persistence by Jeremiah Corrigan
Worlds Above and Below by Thomas Doyle 
Whimzey Wire World by Todd Ramquist 
Love Me, Love Me Not by Lauren Gantz 
Lions, Tigers, and Bear Oh My! by Tyree Broadway 
Guardians of Sacred Space by Florencia Clement De Grandprey 
"Charging Forward" - Mural by Bradley Goff 
A story of fire by Adam Bachert 
Before You Go by Christian + Monica 
Musical Plant Garden/Florganoleptic by Tom Wall
SeE tuRtLEs sWimmiNG by Jax Kalin

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