When Olga's Kitchen declared bankruptcy a few years ago, we wondered what that would mean for the Woodland Mall location...

Well, now we know it's probably closing.

According to the Detroit Free Press, to try to help revitalize the Detroit-based company, new ownership has opened some new locations, renovated others, and closed some Olga's that are in shopping malls.

Other changes the new ownership has made is returning to the Olga's original recipes and hiring an hired an executive chef for the chain.

Since taking over in 2015, The Schostak company has opened five new Olga's, with the new locations replacing the ones in malls.

The Detroit Free Press reports,

Olga's Kitchen plans to eventually relocate most of its still-existing mall locations, with exceptions for the newly renovated Olga's in Westland Shopping Center and Laurel Park Place malls. It also hopes to re-enter some cities that it recently left, such as Toledo."

So while Woodland's Olga's Kitchen will likely close, maybe another will open elsewhere in GR?

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