Does this mean the end to delicious, crispy yet soft, Olga Bread snackers and incredible swiss almond cheese spread?

The Michigan company says no. Phew.

Olga's Kitchen is not shutting down, but the company has file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The Detroit Free Press reports that company executives promise that the restaurant chain famous for it's Mediterranean-inspired wraps will go on, for now anyway.

Olga's has closed eight under-performing locations over the past year.

Company chief operating officer Michael Koslowski said,  "We have had some problems with profitability in the restaurants that we have now fixed. The reason we filed for bankruptcy protection is to restructure the debt or to potentially sell the business."

Kosloski said the company's remaining 28 restaurants will stay open during the bankruptcy process.

Two of those restaurants are in Grand Rapids, one on Wealthy St. and one inside the Woodland Mall.

Olga's Kitchen was founded in Birmingham, Mich., by Olga Loizon in 1970.