Friday, August 21st, Pop Evil hit Grand Rapids for their CD release party, and they had a couple great bands in tow, Red Sun Rising, and the amazing Aranda! Red Sun Rising has been here with Pop Evil before, last December at the Intersection, for the sold out show, and they were really good then. They're amazing now!

The guys came by WGRD early on Friday, to hang with Janna, talk about their new album, 'Polyester Zeal', and get ready for the big show that night. Check out that video here.

Then, at 3:30, the band met up with some GRD winners to play a short acoustic set, hang out, and sign some autographs. Really nice guys, and a great band.

Their set was rocking, and the did some fun things during the set, including running around and switching instruments during a song. The bass player knocked out an amazing solo on guitar during the switch, and then they ran around, switching back.

Great songs, fun band, these guys are really good. If you missed their set, check out the band performing two versions of their single, 'The Otherside'. The first is acoustic, from their private performance in the Stache. The second is the full band version, from the show.