Before rocking the Intersection Friday night with Aranda and Pop Evil, Red Sun Rising stopped by the GRD studios!

They talked with Janna about their new album Polyester Zeal, what bands inspire them, and more!

You've been hearing Red Sun Rising's new song "The Otherside" on GRD, from their new album Polyester Zeal. Guitarist Ryan Williams talked about the name of the album:

Polyester Zeal was a song on an older record of ours. The lyric was 'dress these wounds in polyester zeal', kind of like a cheap ambition, in that we were filling the gap, I guess, as we were striving to do what we wanted to do. We just thought it was a fitting title for this record because we finally... did the record we wanted to do."


As far as what bands inspire Red Sun Rising and help influence their sound, lead singer Mike Protich said:

Yeah, Alice in Chains- you can obviously hear a little bit of that coming out in "The Otherside", that's definitely a tip of the hat to them- a lot of bands from that era: Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, a Perfect Circle. But even the Beatles and Otis Redding too- we try to take a little bit from every era."


Check out the whole chat with Red Sun Rising above and watch the music video for "The Otherside" here!: