A band that's rocked Grand Rapids a few times in recent years, Akron Ohio's Red Sun Rising, has released a new video for their cover of "Wouldn't It Be Nice".

What do you think of their version of the Beach Boys classic?

The video was shared on Twitter by Brian Wilson himself:

Don't usually fanboy this hard but when we woke up to see Brian Wilson himself shared our Beach Boys video was just Amazing. He's always been an inspiration to us. Just a musical genius."

Frontman Mike Protich told Billboard,

We didn't want to go full-blown retro on the video. We just said, 'Let's make a nice, classy video, show the band as we are today and kind of make a timeless stamp.' So we put on suits, which we've never done before. Our branding and our music has always been a little bit psychedelic, a lot of colors and just a little bit off the wall, and it was nice to kind of hone it down and have this kind of look in the video, just to contrast everything else we've done. It was fun to be a little different."

The track appears on Red Sun Rising's recently released EP, Peel, which also features reworked, acoustic versions of 3 songs from their previous albums.

Protich says the band is working on their next full-length album, the follow up to 2018's Thread. He estimates they've got about 35 songs that will be narrowed down to about 20 to take into the studio.

Which, Protich tells Billboard, should be happening soon:

When we stripped things down for (Peel) we learned a lot about what we can do, production-wise, and I think we'll experiment with that a lot further. Right now we're just writing a lot and when we feel like we have a solid batch of tunes we’re really confident about, then we'll take the next step -- and we're getting really close to that."

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