Many of us probably know the feeling of going to your place of work as a customer. It's a bit awkward to have your coworkers treat you like everyone else, especially when you know exactly what to do.

Some of us probably say "oh, I know how this works, I'll just hop around and do it myself!"

It's the same level of jokes as those "oh it won't scan, that must mean it's free!" But the key word is, it's a joke!

Well this off-duty Burger King employee clearly didn't get the joke when she was at her own store to get some food and the line was taking too long. So she marched on behind the counter and started helping herself by helping get food out to other people faster!

It probably wouldn't have been a problem if, you now, the health code wasn't a thing, of if she was in uniform and punched in, or even if customers maybe knew she was an employee!

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