Yesterday (July 17), Rolling Stone revealed that the one still-living alleged Boston Marathon bomber would grace the iconic magazine's cover. Immediately after the announcement was made public, countless individuals unleashed their outrage via social media, condemning Rolling Stone for glamorizing a brutal terrorist and perpetuating the idea that sensational acts of violence will make you famous.

Disturbed / Device singer David Draiman led the charge of rockers who slammed Rolling Stone, writing an in-depth criticism which was widely shared by music outlets. More musicians stepped forward to voice their opinions via Twitter yesterday, including Dave Navarro, Scott Ian, Tommy Lee and many others.

Late last night, yet another member of Motley Crue spoke out against the magazine cover. Crue bassist Nikki Sixx typed up his own criticism, which he shared through Twitter and Facebook:

I understand journalism but @RollingStone has disrespected the families of the Boston bombing victims 100%.

Why not put photos of the victims and families on the cover and let that tell the story of courage and heartbreak? You could keep the photo of this terrorist inside if need be and report your story.I am sure you are aware of the pain you were about to cause all the families when you went to print...

I know journalism isn't pretty when you have the face of evil staring back at you but why put him on the cover of a supposed music oriented magazine? You treat him with the same honor as those of us who have made the cover based on our craft?

I agree with many of my peers and I hope Rolling Stone can take responsibility and issue an apology to everybody who's lives has been affected...

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