It is time for Michigan hunters who intend to bear hunt this year to apply for your bear permit.

Michigan Black Bear Hunting

Michigan has excellent black bear hunting with the highest concentration of animals in the Upper Peninsula. You don't have to go to the U.P. to bear hunt because there are seasons in counties starting as far south in the Lower Peninsula at Muskegon, Newaygo, and Isabella counties.

Your best bet on getting a bear is in Baraga and Ontonagon counties. They have the highest number of bears and give out the highest number of permits. It is not a guarantee you will get one but if you do your homework and find some locations less traveled by humans you should have no trouble locating black bears.

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Apply Now for Your 2024 Michigan Black Bear Permit

To hunt black in Michigan you need to apply for a permit. You have from May 1st to June 1st to apply. The application is $5 but it doesn't guarantee you will get picked. Michigan black bear hunting works on a point system where each time you apply you get a point. Usually by 4 points, you will get picked but sometimes you get pulled right away or after just 2 or 3 points. The point system can change depending on which area you want to hunt and which period you are shooting for since there are 3 different options. Results will be online by June 24, 2024.

You can apply online or at a hunting license retailer in your area. Just make sure you know what location and what hunting period you want to hunt in and have secondary choices to increase your chance of getting pulled. You will get asked online and in person about your hunting choice.

If you will be hunting with a group, get a hunting party number and share it with your group so everyone applies for the same hunt and period. If one person gets picked, everyone in the group will get tags. All the applications and information you need on Michigan's black bear hunting can be found here. Good luck with getting your permit.

Update: More Animals Added to Michigan's Year-Round Hunting List

The Michigan DNR has added the following animals to the state's year-round hunting list. Land owners may kill these animals on their property with no special permits required.

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Michigan's Mandatory Hunting Violation Penalties

Thinking of poaching? Don't. Not sure if you're breaking the law? Check with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) (for hunting laws, click here). Here are 5 violations that come with mandatory penalties, including hefty fines and significant time behind bars.

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