Looking to spruce up your place? A new home goods shop is opening up in Alger Heights.

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Remington Intentional Goods Opens in Grand Grand Rapids

Remington Intentional Goods has announced its grand opening Saturday, August 13, 9a,m. to 3p.m.

The new store is located in "downtown" Alger Heights at 2427 Eastern Ave SE.

The owner, Emily Haan, has worked for more than a decade as an Interior Designer, and in doing so has researched and purchased tons of products. Now she's opening up a brick and mortar store!

She shares on Remington's website,

Remington was born out of an eagerness to unite both my background in design and my desire to help others. Every curated product sold by Remington is handcrafted meeting sustainable and ethical practices. By bringing people and cultures together my hope is that Remington will enrich the lives of both the artisan and the customer.


What Kind of Products Can You Buy at Remington Intentional Goods?

The new store in Alger Heights will have all sorts of cool stuff for your house!

You'll find vases, planters, wall hangings, throw blankets, pillows, dishes, mugs, coasters, candles, and more.

Remington Grand Rapids, Facebook
Remington Grand Rapids, Facebook

Remington Intentional Goods also sells jewelry, bags, accessories, greeting cards, and cute stuff for kids and pets too.

The store hasn't announced what its regular hours will be following the grand opening August 13, but you can follow Remington Intentional Goods on Instagram for updates!

Lots of cool stuff going on in the neighborhood as we recently learned a new Biggby Coffee location would be opening up close to Alger Heights, in the old Hot 'n Now on Eastern. Sip Coffee and Cocktails should also be opening up soon in Alger Heights.

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