Everything is awesome when Legos are involved, and if that's true: Grand Rapids is about to get a little more awesome.

And it's not because our blue bridge looks like something that could easily be turned into a Lego kit (call me Lego, we could make tons of money on this idea.)

reddit grand rapids/ u chettaud
reddit grand rapids/ u chettaud

But, because the latest Lego-centric store is coming to Grand Rapids and opening their first store later in 2022.

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Bricks And Minifigs is a nationally franchised set of stores set on the resale and celebration of all things Lego and building bricks.

The store is famously known for their Lego grab tables, in which you can fill a plastic bag of a certain size with whichever pieces you'd like, treating it like an "All you can grab" buffet of Lego pieces. This is a PERFECT way to get weird sized or colored pieces for anything custom you'd like to build.

Behind The Scenes At Legoland
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The franchise also offers Birthday Party opportunities, which is a perfect idea for someone of any age who loves Legos. (Yes, as a 34 year old woman I'm low key thinking about doing this for my 35th birthday because LEGOS RULE no matter how old you are.)

Where will the new Bricks and Minifigs store in Grand Rapids be located?

Right now we only know that the store will be IN Grand Rapids, they haven't announced a location just yet. However, you can follow their social media for updates as we get closer to the store opening.

When do they plan to open their doors to the public?

As of right now, the store plans to open this winter, based on posts on social media.

I'd imagine we'll see them opening their doors before the holiday season, so that Lego lover in your life should be ready to go for the holidays. But again, follow their social media to keep up with updates as they get closer to their grand opening.

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