Where were you when the MSU Miracle happened? MSU and Michigan battling it out last October, with one of the most amazing finishes in football history. It's amazing to watch, and so incredible, a fan recreated the final play in Legos! It's awesome!

I remember last year's MSU Miracle win very well. I remember being in a casino in Las Vegas with my best friend, and seeing the game playing above some of the slot machines, and stopping to watch. I knew several people back here in GR were glued to the game, too.

When I saw it was almost over, and MSU was a couple points down, I thought, "Well, they're going to be bummed." We exchanged a few texts about the bum.

Then, this final play, where Michigan just had to punt the ball, time would run out, and they'd win and go home happy.

But we all know that wasn't how things played out.

MSU fans, enjoy this Lego version with the play-by-play call. Michigan fans...um...you can skip this one. Sorry.

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