A tragedy has struck a family in Roosevelt Park, Michigan where one brother shot the other brother and then took his own life.

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Brother Shoots Brother Then Takes His Own Life

I just don't know how a family can get to the point in life where a brother kills his brother and then takes his own life but that is where we are at today in Muskegon County.

This unfortunately is a twisted tale of a family who was all in a car together. So far no information about where the family was going or coming from has been given out but what we do know is there were five people in the car and only three made it out safely.

This is where one brother shot his brother and then took his own life. This is being looked at as a murder-suicide but no information has been given if there was an argument or altercation that led up to this unfortunate event.

Who Was All in the Car?

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So far according to Chief Boon with Roosevelt Park Police department, there were five people in the car when the shooting went down. There were two brothers, two children, and their mother who were all in the car at the time of the shooting.

How Did The Murder-Suicide Take Place?

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According to FOX 17, the murder-suicide took place Tuesday night in Roosevelt Park in a vehicle on Roosevelt Road near Royal Oak Road.

The brother that is suspected of being the shooter was sitting in the back of the car. The brother he murdered was sitting in the front passenger seat. The brother who was killed in the front seat was the father of the two children that were in the car along with his wife that was driving at the time of the shooting.

After the brother in the back seat shot his brother in the front passenger seat, he then attempted to take his own life. The shooting suspect didn't die at the scene, he was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The mother and the two children were not physically injured during the shooting and were able to go home. I cannot imagine the horror and tragedy the mother and the two children are going through and will be going through in an unforeseeable future.

If you are religious in any way, the mom and the two children are going to need a lot of prayers.

Investigators are still currently working to try and understand what happened in this case.

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