As the middle of winter approaches, the temperatures are in the high teens to mid twenties and it's COLD outside. There's snow on the ground and ice on the roads meaning many will choose to stay home unless they must leave. With so many streaming platforms out, finding a movie or tv show to watch has been easier than ever before. I found myself running out of interesting shows or films to watch, when I had an idea.

It's probably not something those in New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, or other big cities would think about because it's an everyday occurrence there. Bigger cities always have shows or movies being filmed, but places in Michigan aren't quite that lucky. Sure, Detroit has gotten a lot of screen time, but outside of that I wasn't sure of TV shows or movies that were based and/or filmed in other Michigan cities. After a quick search, there are 10 movies or tv shows from Michigan you could binge in one weekend with ease.

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Odd Mention

I was recently made aware of one of the strangest mentions of a Southwest Michigan Village in a movie ever, which makes me wonder where they got the idea from. The film Tin Soldiers' main character announces early in the film, that before the move his family made they were actually residents of Mattawan, of all places.

Honorable Mentions

With only choosing to have 10 movies or TV shows on the list, that means there were some good candidates left off the. For example, Beverley Hills Cop 3 and It Follows, a scary movie that has been crushing ratings, were both filmed in Detroit. Along with Real Steel, Scream 4, and the infamous sequel Die Hard 2 were all filmed in Michigan.

10 Binge Worthy Movies Or TV Shows Filmed In Michigan

Movies and TV shows filmed in Michigan worth binge watching

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