Tomorrow (March 23), psychedelic stoner rock warriors Monster Magnet will unleash Mindfucker, their 10th studio album. So far, they've teased fans with the title track and "Ejection" and now they've teamed up with Loudwire to give you one last taste before the album drops with the premiere of a lyrics video for hard-groovin' "I'm God."

A hazy, lightly distorted guitar lick drones on through the opening moments of the track with Dave Wyndorf's spoken word delivery invoking a storyteller vibe. Splashes of water-droplet psych touches rein in the hallmarks of Monster Magnet's space-faring sound, confidently striding along on an asteroid belt-cruising riff, ramping up the intensity with pounding bursts of tom strikes while Wyndorf defiantly declares "I'm God!" over the chorus.

"Magnet aren't religious guys at all, really, but we like to bring the hell-fire when we can," the frontman said. "Plus it's fun to sing "I'm Godddddd! And I'm riding a river of flame!" You should try it, too!" We did try it. It's fun. Highly recommended!

Snag your copy of Mindfucker (out on Napalm Records) here and look out for Monster Magnet on the road with a brief three-show run starting off on March 29 in Brooklyn, New York. Head to their Facebook page to see all upcoming dates and everything else they're up to.

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