Monster Magnet's next record is just about finished, and could be out by the summer of 2017.

Band leader Dave Wyndorf discussed the band's follow-up to 2013's Last Patrol during a recent appearance on the Talking Metal podcast (via Blabbermouth), revealing that the new songs are just waiting "for that idiot singer to complete the lyrics and sing them, and maybe put a couple of leads on" before they're ready to release.

As for the new set's musical direction, Wyndorf described the material as "fight music" that, while retaining elements of "psych in a kind of garage-rock kind of way and sound," offers a more current reflection of where he stands as a songwriter.

"The last bunch of records, I went on a psychedelic tinge, as is my right to do. But after I do a couple of records that are completely psychedelic, it just overtakes me to just rock — just go out there and pummel it," said Wyndorf. "It's what I needed to do in order to live continually in the 21st century, which is completely out of its mind. ... I take the psychedelic stuff and get all cerebral and kind of ruminate on what's going on in the world in my head and in my music. And then, when I get so disgusted with the way the world is, then I strike back with my music, or me, in this way. So it makes sense."

Listen to Wyndorf's complete Talking Metal appearance below, and keep tabs on the Monster Magnet Facebook page for tour information and updates.

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