It's time to tune in and get ready for a trippy experience as Dave Wyndorf and his Monster Magnet crew have dropped a new video for the title track to their Mindfucker album.

The clip is essentially a performance piece, but a visually intriguing one as he and his band play against an assortment of backdrops, from kaleidoscopic images to shots of propulsive fire and spewing magma oozing along to fit the mood of the song itself.

The title track sizzles with muscular guitar licks, Sabbath-esque vocals and riding a groove that just won't quit. Add in a solid mid-song guitar solo and "Mindfucker" falls perfectly in the stoner rock vibe, accentuated by the visuals from the clip. With a simple tease of the song via the band's Facebook page, Wyndorf stated, "We got the rock if you want it! I hope you can dig it."

"I just thought “I wanna do something we could play live," Wyndorf told Decibel Magazine, who premiered the video. "Theoretically, we could play like 90 percent of this record live and it would work as a set."

He continued, "That was the angle on this: If I was a new band and nobody had ever heard of us before and nobody heard a record, what would be the best way to kick somebody in the ass right off the bat? What would a cool set be? So most of this record was written like that. I didn’t even know what the lyrics would be about except it’s fucking rocking music, so I figured it would be 'Hey, maybe this is a good time record. Yeah, it’s one of those good time records. Rock, rock, rock!' Why not? We haven’t done it in a while."

The Mindfucker album is due March 23 via Napalm Records. Look for Monster Magnet playing a U.S. run this spring, followed by dates in Europe in early May. See their current itinerary here.



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